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Effective January 2021

Aerial still photograph $125 Ideal for homesteads, family gatherings, small events, budget real estate shots. Each additional shot: $25.

Delivery turnaround time: 1 day.
Aerial video
$225 Suitable for real estate and business promotion. Up to 20 minutes shooting time, edited down to a 60 to 90 second video hosted on YouTube.

Delivery turnaround time: 3 days.
Real Estate internal & external stills
$175 Up to 40 images, with extensive post processing in Photoshop. Click here for samples.

Delivery turnaround time: 3 days.
Full Real Estate Package $375 All in: Aerial video, internal & external stills as described above.

Delivery turnaround time: 5 days.

  • An extra charge of 20% will apply to priority rush jobs. I'm a busy guy...
  • The above prices are a guideline; ask for a custom quote if your shooting requirements don't fit into any of the above scenarios.
  • Digital file delivery options are email, Google drive, Dropbox, and hosting on our dedicated HoverWolf YouTube channel.
  • A mileage charge of $0.50 per kilometer will apply to destinations 45 minutes or more from point of origin.
  • Payment is required upon receipt of invoice. Acceptable modes of payment include Electronic Funds Transfer (preferred), cash, certified cheque, money order, and Paypal.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo
Please read!

BY HIRING ME (James Hutchison), you agree that you have read and understand the following:

It is understood that you will have in place adequate liability insurance to cover injury and/or damage to myself or my equipment due to accidental or negligent behavior on your part.

All images and videos are Copyright© James Hutchison pursuant to the Nov.7, 2012 amendment to the Canadian Copyright Act (click to view details). Video and still images taken by James Hutchison are licensed to the buyer for limited use and distribution, and are royalty-exempt with the following exception: if images are mass-produced, they will require 1) written permission, 2) credit to the photographer, and 3) if marketed for profit, compensation is due to the photographer based on estimated public exposure statistics.

Payment conditions are "Net Due On Receipt", particularly still images and videos that are posted to any real estate broker's listing web site(s). The preferred payment method is EMT transfer to jim (at) hoverwolf (dot) ca.

Please note: James Hutchison reserves the right to use images and videos for promotional purposes. Consent of the buyer is not expressly required to use these images or videos on this web site, print, on-line advertising, or any social media platform.

The drone I fly is a DJI Mavic Mini, which is exempt from Transport Canada's drone registration and pilot certification requirements. I am indeed a certified pilot, but TC decided that we need re-training every 24 months, which is an out-of-pocket expense. It's all a cash grab typical of government getting involved in trivial matters. Click here to visit Transport Canada's specific regulations regarding micro drones.

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