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A little bit about me and my gear

Experience and Qualifications

- 25+ years professional photography
- Transport Canada-approved flight ground school
- UAV-specific liability insurance
- Professional flight simulator training
- Over 40 hours of drone real-time flight
- Extensive Photoshop training

Why I Fly

As a young child, my dream was to fly like a bird. Growing up, I dreamed of being an astronaut. Alas, NASA had no place for 10 year old Canadians at the time... Then, as life progressed I became a flight simulator enthusiast.

I also loved taking pictures, so I started a successful photography business in western Canada. The evolution of digital cameras and smartphones caused many a photographer to refocus their business (pun intended), so the industry's marriage of photography and quadcopters was my cue...

This isn't just a business opportunity for me; it's a passion. It was a very emotional experience for me, watching - in ultra-high definition - the very first flight over my little village of Burnstown.

I can finally fly like a bird.

How I Fly

Basically by Transport Canada's rule book:
- Always fly line-of-sight, where the pilot has continuous eye contact with their drone.
- Never depend on FPV (first-person-view) for navigation.
- Maintain 300 foot ceiling restriction.
- If within 5 nautical miles of an aerodrome or airport, fly no higher than 100 feet.
- Only fly in Class G airspace.

What I Fly

- DJI Phantom 3
- Stabilized 12 million pixel resolution gimbel-suspended camera (Ultra High-Def 2.7K)
- 20 minute flight time
- Weight (Battery & Propellers Included): 1216 g
- Default altitude limit: 300' above takeoff point
- Operating Temperature Range: 0C to 40C
- Satellite Positioning Systems: GPS
- Range: approx. 1 kilometer
- Vehicle is vertically stablized via barometric pressure sensors.
- Brushless motors to ensure predictable, safe, and long lasting performance.
- Extra batteries, charging equipment, memory cards, props, photo filters, etc.

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